"Accomplish High-end seamless communication systems for Industrial and harsh environment verticals"

We are more than pleased and proud to inform you that Bcom Solutions B.V. has joined its forces with a strong partner. Due to the decline Oil and Gas Market Bcom did need to cooperate and joined forces with ERS Energy Professional B.V.

This identity named:  Panrose B.V. will give you as end user end to end solution that you need as end user , whereabout projects costs can be reduced to a minimum. Panrose B.V; has next to 15 years of experience a professional project office incl. workforce, engineering and  documentation control.

A network of experienced  technicians in addition to the expertise of an experience integrator.

Besides professional high-end hardware,. Result in End to End solutions whereby our new identity provides seamless communication solutions.

We do like to invite you at our new office based in Oud-Beijerland, were you are more than welcome to come and experience our new expertise centre. The expertise centre is set up with multiple communication solutions in such a way that demonstrating the different communication systems can bring you the best system of choice.

CCTV, PAGA, Smart mobile worker, laser systems and high-end wireless infrastructure solutions are key elements of our organisation, this all for harsh and explosion proof environments.


The upstream vertical in oil and gas industry, also called exploration & production, is mostly straight forward regarding communication solutions.



Often coupled with the downstream segment, the midstream sector involves the transportation, storage and marketing of various oil and gas products.



The downstream sector involves the refining and processing of hydrocarbons into products such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.



A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that processes chemicals on a large scale.



Marine broadly refers to boats, ships and any other marine vessel or structures. Exposure to the sea environment in combination with sunlight, rain,


Wind energy

Offshore wind power can help to reduce energy imports, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases and meet renewable electricity standards.